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Nice to see you here.

Since I don’t believe we get to do one thing in life, I am many things: a multidisciplinary creative that has 9-5 job, but always finds time to do other stuff too.

I am an art director, vintage furniture upcycler and an art aficionado. Also I draw. Of course I draw.

I draw women, animals, things I see while having a walk in a lunch break, things I remember randomly, stuff I did when I was a kid etc. Also I like to tell stories and make pictures of ugly shoes on the subway.

This should be a short bio, but no one's bio is short so I don't know what to write and still have your attention after 10 seconds of reading some random stuff about a person you don't even know 🙂

Yours truly, Tamaracreator of this mess

Wanna hang some art on your walls?

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Tamara Kramer
Vienna, Austria

All rights reserved Tamara Kramer.