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Oh, hi again.

Since you landed on this page, I guess you googled me.

My name is Tamara and I build services and campaigns for brands.

I am an all-round restless creative working as a Graphic Design Expert at the first austrian “unicorn”. I am specialised in building campaigns for both online and print. Oh, I love OOH campaigns, that’s how we still shock and surprise people that think that print is dead!

If you wanna talk typography, lettering, illustration and (re)branding, just drop me a line. But please include coffee – it’s always better to talk in person.

So in few words – if you have an idea, a story or any kind of concept that lives in your head but you are not able to put in words of the visual language, I am there to help you out.

As well as design I also have a passion for vintage furniture upcycling. The last hype is all about the vintage chairs, but I rework other pieces too, not olny the chairs. You can have a look => here.

I love learning foreign languages, so that (ok also pizzas, lasagnas and tiramisù) brought me to Italy. I studied Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

After my studies I moved to Vienna where I founded a clothing apparel that also offered illustration and  hand lettering services for advertising. That brought me to fully freelance for years before I decided to take my first full-time role in 2015. I got back to freelancing for a couple of more years before I landed to a real estate company as a senior graphic designer. I learned there a lot. One of the main things was german 🙂

My career developed in many aspects when I started working for Bitpanda where I was hired as a graphic design team lead that I lead for almost two years. The team started with 3, but eventually became 7. I switched my position into being “only” an expert. Don’t get me wrong, I liked being people’s manager, but I also feel more free and creative when I do conceptualising, creating, brainstorming and the final work. I love my job – design really makes me happy.

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Tamara Kramer
Vienna, Austria

All rights reserved Tamara Kramer.