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I started this website because I finally found courage to do something of mine after years of silence. I was working as a graphic designer for a long time (I still do and I actually like my job :D) but I needed a break from dry corporate environment and try out something juicier.

My story starts on Instagram, I follow many artists and illustrators, but somehow I thought I lost my talent over the years. I was a coward in a way: I would look what the other people do, but was afraid to post my things. And I didn’t even have anything to post. My drawings weren’t happening. I was only doing my job and when I had time to do something of mine, I’d literally do anything else but draw. You know the feeling when you start cleaning the house instead of doing what you “have to do”? Well that was it. I even cleaned the flat instead of putting something on paper. 🙂

This post is  about work, your work, your postponed work. Since I started drawing, I see the inspiration everywhere. This didn’t happen to me in years! And it feels beautiful. I publish on instagram, I find books about art, I make collages, I draw in my sketchbook, but also digital paint with procreate. So when you once start, it just flows. <3

Visit my instagram for more! let's go!

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Tamara Kramer
Vienna, Austria

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