Concierge-Service Tool for the hospitality industry and its guests

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What Is Consieur

Consieur is a closed Concierge-Service Tool for the hospitality industry and its guests, with a strong focus on Hotels. The Consieur application is intended to digitally interlink hotels with their guests and allow for an easy-to-use digital communication, information and order-functionality. 

Hotels would be able to use Consieur as its own branded app. With a simple step-by-step configurator, a hotel could customize the app according to its needs: put their logo and a range of bookable services.

Guests would have an intuitive tool for orders/reservations (e.g. room service, spa treatments…), information like events, weather, sightseeing-infos, communication: guest info, push-notifications about the hot offers and location based services that offer,  for instance, orders from the pool.

The hotels don’t have their own apps – it should be an app that reflects the needs of all top class hotel services, but adjustable for each hotel, so it would reflect their branding. That means they needed more themes in their user interface, but also easy solutions for people that are using it for the first time – the hotel employees.

Neither was reflected on their website which is why they asked me for a redesign.

First Steps

Thankfully Consieur team already knew their users and their goals quite well. I prepared a (remote) workshop in Miro based on Gothelfs and Seidens Lean UX Framework.

As per the framework, we found a few things to quickly validate before we jump into the actual design. Our key questions to answer and validate were: How much time will they spend in the app? As per clients of the hotels. How thorough do they look at offers? What is their point of contact? How will they decide if they want to order more things of using more services?


As Consieur already collected a lot of insights and data I didn’t see the need to do a long research round on my own – instead, I got in contact with people representing their user groups, as defined in the workshop prior and validated our assumptions about them.


After defining wireframes and a general look and feel in a few follow up meetings and mail correspondences, we settled on a final design. The new design now focuses on their wide variety of services, on how exclusive are those services and how diverse and how quick the hotel can deliver/offer what a client wants: from an italian breakfast in bed to riding a Lipizaner in the mountains.


Together with Consieur team we also settled on a plan on how to track how well performing the app is with potential to work more on the design in the future, depending on what performs well and what doesn’t. We settled on technology X and will monitor the app performance throughout the next year. All in all, I loved working with Consieur as they were well prepared, focused and always provided good and valuable feedback.

What surprised me most

In the user interviews I learned how much Consieur clients prefer a telephone connection over e-mail for first contact. This made me giving their telephone number the same visual weight as their e-mail address.