Concierge-Service Tool for the hospitality industry and its guests

  • App Design
  • Wireframing
  • Concept & Strategy
What needs to be done next
  • Website
  • Branding


Colors & Typography

Orange red


Powder pink


Night Sky


Euclid Square

What Is Consieur

The Consieur application is intended to digitally interlink hotels with their guests and allow

for an easy-to-use digital communication, information and order-functionality.

The hotel can use Consieur as its own branded app. With a simple step-by-step configurator, the hotel can customise the app according to its needs (logo, range of bookable services).

The guests have an intuitive tool for orders/reservations e.g. room service, spa treatments etc., information: events, weather, sightseeing-infos etc., communication: guest info, push-notifications etc. and identification – for example location based services allow, for instance, orders from the pool.

What I Had To Do

I created the wireframes, collaborated with the concept and ideation, directed the design together with the developers and product designers.
The application is a greenfield development and comprises the following components:

  • The App itself (Smartphone and Tablet App)
  • The Web platform / Engine
  • The Hotel-Cockpit / Hotel backend-tool
  • The Service-/Order Backend
  • The Website