How it all started

I had to tell a story

Since I started freelancing in 2012, I wanted to make my portfolio page based on my taste and that would represent ME 🙂

I put on paper what I liked: a lot of white space, minimalist design, patterns and bold typography that reminds me of old books and magazines.  If you know me, you would know I see grinds in real life everywhere and if you don’t believe me, just check my instagram 🙂 But if you landed here, I guess you somehow know me or want to get to know me. So grids. 

Project Breakdown

This is an old project I made in 2017. I still kinda like it, but if I was doing it now, I’d change the typography probably. I like following trends in digital design, and I especially LOVE to make a new version of an old project. I guess I should re-do this one.