Who is Bitpanda and what do they do?

Investing in crypto, stocks, metals, or any other financial asset is complicated, frustrating and often, expensive. 

Bitpanda exists to remove these barriers to entry with flexible, easy-to-use investment products, built for everyone. They’re rethinking investment for the digital age by making it more understandable and engaging, so everyone can become an expert investor. How do they do it? 

By making it fast, intuitive and secure to access! You can now manage and grow your money!

Since I already knew the brand and our customers, I knew they needed a little bit of a provocative campaign we used in the past, but not too much.

I decided to go for a quirky copy: “Take your slice of the cake” because we were not offering usual stocks with certificates, but fractional stocks, so basically a slice of a stock.

The idea behind the pie is that the pie itself is your portfolio that is made of many fractional stocks and that you don’t have to be rich to buy one expensive stock, but you can buy easily only a part you can afford, but still buy a piece of your favorite company you believe in.


  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Landing page design
  • Social media campaign
  • Rebranding

What I actually had to do

1. Make the target group aware that Bitpanda now offers Stocks and/or aware of our rebranding. 

2. Increase brand awareness that Bitpanda is now more than just a crypto broker.

3. Encourage people to sign up for an account and start trading. Encourage them to believe in the Bitpanda brand. 

4. Be clear and simple on the messaging around the product/brand itself. 

Project Outcome

Easy Transition

Bitpanda was going through the transition period with the implementation of the new branding and I must reassure that that goes smoothly and the users still recognise the brand. The new branding was almost completely different, so I made a middle path introducing the new typeface and the shades of purple since that was about to be Bitpanda’s new brand colour.

They didn’t have any photos or 3D objects in their previous branding, they dealt only with the 2D illustration and outlined icons. I knew that those 2 were about to be introduced, so I decided to combine a photo manipulation (they had quirky campaigns before) and a quirky copy: Get your slice of cake. The cake was made with stocks – and Bitpanda was offering fractional stocks. What does that mean: you can buy a piece of stock and your cake can be combined of many different stocks that represent the stock portfolio. Get your piece of cake was also a symbol for an everyday person, not a rich Wall Street guy in a suit: Bitpanda offers investing to everyone – it is easy and everyone can do it, everyone can have a piece of the cake.

Amazing Results

People on Twitter were celebrating the campaign. Bitpanda was happy because of the easy transition and new registrations and verifications of the new accounts. The new branding was rolled out easily after this campaign.

“Wall Street without the Walls”

CEOs, Bitpanda